#022 - Has the Get-up and Go … Got-up and Gone?


Coming to the end? Nearly there ... not much longer now! What one single word describes the qualities you will need to close off that final page, place that terminal full stop and open that last bottle of chilled Chardonnay?

That word is 'Dedication!' This is what drives you, feeds you and will finally allow you to finish your book. Dedication feeds on 'passion' and the more you have of one the more you will be able to bring to the other. The dedication required to force yourself to 'hit the keyboard' every single day for months on end, to manage your own time ... whilst possibly being asked to constantly manage the time of others inside a busy family, brings its problems. Sometimes, such problems may seem insurmountable ... but dedication will allow you to achieve and therefore succeed.

Your passion to be a recognized fiction author will be your comfort in such situations. If you have no passion, then dedication will be unable to 'take root'. Does this all sound a 'bit over the top' to you? Well we can assure you it's not as trite or clichéd as it initially appears ... and now you will need to be your own best critic by considering the following.

Is It Clear?

Is It Word Thrifty?

Does It Have Style?

Are Sentences Concise?

Is Conversation Crisp?

Does It Flow?

Does It Have Pace?

Is The Phrasing Good?

What About Word Choice?

Are the Characters Well Developed?