#05 - Can you actually write?


This may seem to be a rather pointless question but it is a genuine one. Most individuals can put pen to paper, write a coherent letter to their bank manager and even knock out the odd essay or short story or two, perhaps even good enough to be found gracing the pages of your local newspaper. However, the ability to put tens of thousands of words together in a fashion that will make the reader want to keep turning to the next page is another can of worms completely. There's help out there on the Internet for writers, of all levels of talent, to assist with editing, grammar, formatting and structure. If you have any misgivings whatsoever, try and connect with someone who writes for a living and is willing to assist you before you start your manuscript. You will then gain the benefit of some professional input from the very beginning. Writing is a lonely business and not many around you … who demand some of your time on a regular basis … will be able to understand why you want to do it. If you can find a mentor or join an active writing group, this is an excellent way to get started and offer some level of guarantee you will actually finish. None of us are perfect … we all need help! If you seek it out, you may be surprised to find how much support there is out there.