Each month Denise will provide us with some Writing Prompts that will either make your teeth itch or send you into spiraling revolutions of exctacy. Whichever way it grabs you, email us the result on the contact page form and try to limit the content to about 300 words ... if you can. Your submissions will be published here ... on this page. You never know, your literary offering might very well end up being the subject of one of our discussion groups. Whatever the outcome, the prompts will be testing, that's for sure ... so sharpen your lucky pencil ... and break out the Chardonnay!

Prompts Replies

Denise - writing prompt 1 - October 2023.

Response From: Jane on 01/10/23

And then, when the heavens are a violent orange, slashed with deepest shades of crimson and vermillion, this is when the shadow clouds creep silently. Stealthily rising from their hiding place in the underworld.
Thou hast seen them. Seen the shadow clouds and trembled before them. Casting thine eyes earthwards and hiding thy children beneath thy skirts.
Osiris' silent messengers, reaching out with blaze-tipped talons and lacerating the firmament. Sending fire to scorch earth.
Ye who conceals thy true selves, should tremble, for black vesper's pageants see all.