Welcome to Hartlepool

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Hartlepool is proud of its traceable history dating back to 640 AD when we understand a woman named 'Hieu' built and founded a monastery on the site now known to be Hartlepool. A fishing community soon followed and a village grew up around the monastery, a building eventually destroyed by raiding Danes in the 9th Century. A mention of the village of Hartlepool was first discovered in the year 1153.

Through centuries of change and growth the town of Hartlepool was seen to be divided in two with one area occupying a limestone peninsular and fishing harbour named the 'Old Town'. The other more recently developed area, incorporating a new industrial port, was to be named 'West Hartlepool'.

Despite being bombed by enemy sea based units during WWII, with 112 people killed and many more injured, after the war Hartlepool strived to become prosperous once again and continued to attract investment.

Moving forward to the mid-20th Century, significant growth and development took place in the area and finally the two 'Hartlepool' identities were joined under one council. They both thrived together with an active and busy port structure, light and heavy engineering operations, a chemical industry and the building of a nuclear power station.

Toward the end of the 20th Century focus changed from promoting industry and fishing to promoting tourism and the 1817 timber built vessel, HMS Trincomalee, came to Hartlepool in 1987. Close behind came a splendid Marina development and the opening of Summerhill Conservation Area. Following on came an Art Gallery, a Museum and Business Development Centre. With excellent higher education facilities such as the Northern School of Art, the Hartlepool College of Further Education, the Tunstall College of Science and the Seymour Skills Academy, Hartlepool is well placed to tackle the high-tech needs of a future labour market.

Set in the middle of some fine examples of rugged cliff tops and wild, windswept beaches, Hartlepool has much to offer all of us who live here, a town with a unique history and a particularly unique location.

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