It takes a lot of bad writing to get to a little good writing ... Truman Capote

Hartlepool Historic Quay - Ian Pudsey
Hartlepool Historic Quay - Ian Pudsey

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Throston Writing Circle

Great News ..! A new writing circle is now active and based at the Throston Library, Hartlepool. If you want to become involved in leading this new group you can apply at:

or contact:

Service provider

Community Hubs - Hartlepool Borough Council.

Some Interesting Facts ...

Self-published Books & Authors Sales Statistics [2023]. 30-34% of all e-books sold are self-published. 300 million self-published books are sold each year. $1.25 billion worth of self-published books are sold each year. Amazon pays $520 million in royalties to self-published authors each year. The global publishing market is expected to grow at 1% compound annual growth per year, whereas the self-publishing market is expected to grow at 17%. The number of self-published books has increased by 264% in the last five years. So, to all of you out there who are a little bit 'sniffy' when it comes to self-publishing authors ... think on!

Don't forget guys ...

Our next meeting is Wednesday, May 8th and let's all make it a BIG one ...! We look forward to seeing you all there. By the way, the website stats are in for the first quarter 2024 (Jan-Mar inclusive) and we reveal them below.

Visitors: Average 998 pm.

Pages:    Average 5,191 pm.

An Interesting read ...

In it for the money? ... or in it for the ride? Whatever your motivation, writing your first book will always be a challenge. There is no easy route but there is help out there based on experience and a wealth of informed advice. A Novel Idea does what it says on the tin; it will help you turn your idea ... into a novel. This 23,000 word offering is designed to point you in the right direction, set the pace of your writing project and provide you with confidence in order to allow your 'creativity' to take the lead. No tricks, no lies and no sleight of hand here ... just good, comforting advice from an established author who has trodded this well worn route many times.

To keep up to date with writing events and opportunities, click through to our LINKS page which is edited and updated regularly.

Next HWG meeting will be: Wednesday, May 8th, 18:30.

Do you live local to Hartlepool and have an interest in all things to do with writing? Are you a budding Author, Screenplay Writer, Poet or Short Story Writer? Would you like to bounce a few ideas across some like-minded individuals? Would you like some pointers from experienced authors when diving into the murky world of Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing? Well, the Hartlepool Writers Group may just be the place for you. Mail us through our contact page if you would like to attend our next meeting. You might enjoy being there … and we would certainly enjoy meeting you!


Next Meeting - Wednesday May 8th

Our Location: Hartlepool Hub Central: 124 York Road, TS26 9DE:

Writers Monthly Prompt From Denise

Each month Denise will provide us with some Writing Prompts that will either make your teeth itch or send you into spiraling revolutions of exctacy. Whichever way it grabs you, email us the result on the contact page form and try to limit the content to about 300 words ... if you can. You never know, your literary offering might very well end up being the subject of one of our discussion groups. Whatever the outcome, the prompts will be testing, that's for sure ... so sharpen your lucky pencil ... and break out the Chardonnay!

This Month's Writing Prompt from Denise is coming shortly.

Notes on our meeting – 10/04/24

A near 'full house' once more at our April meeting included many regular faces and two new visitors, Ian and Andrea. There are still seats for a few more so why not visit us at our next meeting on May 8th at 18:30. Denise read some script from Ethel, one of our 'overseas' members and Quentin read a submission from Mikaella who is busy training for her next big adventure. Rob was on fine form adding a bit of mystery to his writing and Paul brought a smile or two to everyone's face with his 'stand-up' script. Needless to say, work for submission to the 2024 Anthology is progressing at a pace and we have about 16K words under process as we speak. Don't forget that submissions are due by end June and finals by end July. After that date, the doors will be closed … no exceptions. So, if you want to get on board you should attend our next meeting on May 8th or you may be too late! All in all, it was an enjoyable evening once again with some lively banter from the usual suspects. If you have an interest in all things to do with 'writing' whether it be full length novels, short stories, flash fiction or poetry, come along and join us. Don't forget … one small step ….!

Notes on our meeting – 13/03/24

A near 'full house' at our March meeting included many regular faces and two new members Paul and Barbara. We were also very happy to welcome back John Kenny. We haven't seen John for a while and we hope he will become a regular once again. Just about everyone had a WIP piece to offer destined for the pages of the new 2024 Anthology. The offerings were diverse in terms of subject matter, generating a lot of interest and some lively discussion. Mention was made of the new writing group at Throston Writing Circle (TWC) who held their very first meeting on Monday. This will be a regular event supported by the Library on the second Monday of each month from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs. Contacts for the group are Holly and Rebecca. Updates throughout the month for HWG and TWC can be found on the website and the group Facebook page.

Notes on our meeting - 14/02/24

The well attended and lively Valentine's Day get together saw the first airing of our member's initial submissions for the new 2024 HWG Anthology. Some offerings consisted of outline ideas and others a read of the first few pages. If we were to attempt to forecast how the project is fairing so far … we would have to say it all looks pretty good. We also welcomed Christine as a new member who we hope to see again at our next meeting. Denise advised the group on new 'happenings' taking place within the library structure and it looks as if a writing support group is about to materialize in the Throston area of Hartlepool. As more information is forthcoming, we will keep you up to date on this website and the group Facebook page.

Notes on our meeting - 10/01/24

A good turnout for our first meeting of this new year and a warm welcome to a new member of the group, Mikaella. The first part of our meeting was spent discussing the 2024 project and more of that later. Our exercise was to 'write from the perspective of an inanimate object' and with some encouragement from Denise, everyone tackled the task with enthusiasm, turning in an eclectic mix of work. The results were all good, ranging from the very amusing to the near poetic and well received by us all. However, everyone agreed the great script provided by Mikaella to be particularly worthy of mention.

So on to this year's major project being the 2024 HWG Anthology. The guidelines are now agreed as below:

Theme – Isolation

Word Count Limits - Min 2000 - Max 10000 ish

MS Submissions – End June

Final MS Submissions – End July

Edits and Reviews – End August

Technical Production & Review – End September

Print & Distribution – October/November

The theme of 'Isolation' may be seen as incorporated within certain key words but the subject is broad and therefore open to a wide range of interpretation. We hope and expect this subject matter will kick-start some great writing from our group. We will review progress at each future meeting and post any relevant notes or comments on the web site. So keep in touch on this page.